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Considered the pioneer of the Take ‘N’ Bake-style pizza, Papa Murphy’s has consistently updated its Papa Murphys menu to suit the call of the times. Despite the constant change, however, the pizza chain has always maintained its policy of providing great quality, value, and customer service through its now more than 1,200 branches in 37 states across the United States.

The sheer number of Papa Murphy’s franchises is remarkable considering that the company started only in 1981. Unlike in the 1980s when it was one of only a few pizza chains that offered the Take ‘N’ Bake style, Papa Murphy’s now competes against a good number of establishments. Regardless, Papa Murphy’s has remained on top of the game and has even managed to be named the top-rated pizza chain in the country.

papa murphys menuPapa Murphys Menu Options Sure To Please

The pizza chain’s success can easily be attributed to the Papa Murphys menu that has not failed to capture the taste buds and imagination of customers in all demographics. This is immediately clear with a quick browse of its menu, which can be safely labeled as having something for everyone.

For instance, pizza lovers who want to create their own pizzas are given the leeway to experiment through the ‘Create Your Own’ menu. This part of the menu gives customers the freedom to choose which sauce, toppings, and crust to use for their Take ‘N’ Bake pizza.

Those who are conscious of their calorie count can opt to go for Papa Murphy’s Thin Crust deLite offerings. Whether one is into beef, chicken, or vegetarian fare, he or she is sure to find something that would suit his or her taste.

People with big appetites will not be disappointed with Papa Murphy’s stuffed pizzas, which boast of choices like the manly five-meat stuffed pizza. The five-meat variety will satiate even the most voracious eater with its combination of Canadian bacon, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and ground meat, all slathered in Papa Murphy’s delicious red sauce.

If one is looking for gourmet pizza that the chain has been known for through the years, Papa Murphys menu is a gold mine of the most mouthwatering signature pizzas. The signature and gourmet section of the menu is a feast for the taste buds and is ready for all comers—from all-meat lovers to vegetarians.

And because Papa Murphys is dedicated to serving great pizza to the whole family, its menu also has something for the kids, the aptly called Mini Murph. Indeed, everyone is bound to find something that he or she would like to take and bake in the comforts of their homes, where they can enjoy freshly made pizza. To top it off there’s the opportunity to grab a Papa Murphys coupon to get your Take ‘N’ Bake for extremely cheap, much less than what it would cost anywhere else.

As good as Papa Murphys menu is, what really makes this pizza chain a hit is not only great food but also great service, which ultimately translate to the overall satisfaction of customers.


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